In collaboration with Grade 7 students at Jamieson Elementary School, four Langara Fine Arts students designed and painted a three-panel canvas mural as part of a Grade 7 legacy gift project. Helena Wadsley, Langara Fine Arts instructor, sponsored the project and guided the Langara students throughout the process. 

Emily May, Rozalyn Hardy, Marissa Jolin-Dobbin, and Sara Mortaheb worked with over 80 Grade 7 students on generating ideas and images for the design. In addition, they facilitated a painting session where the Grade 7's had the opportunity to participate in the process by doing some hands-on painting. The final work is one that reflects the vibrant culture of music and diversity at Jamieson Elementary School. 

Emily May, Rozalyn Hardy, Marissa Jolin-Dobbin, and Sara Mortaheb
Jamieson Elementary School 2015 Legacy Mural. 
6' x 4' x 1.5'' each panel
Spring 2015.
Acrylic on canvas