Photoshopping the Mona Lisa is semi-related to studying for an art history midterm.

Today, I had my midterm exam for my art history class. I had studied hard all weekend trying to memorize my information and notes about various art created throughout history. See, our class does not follow a linear structure. Therefore, at times, for a girl (me) who isn't the greatest at history (also me): sometimes, this class can be hard to follow.  

Anyways, I was rather confident with and proud of myself for being able to memorize information about the various pieces for my exam including: Title, Artist, Year, Style, Form, Content, and Historical Context. So, I decided to create a piece from an idea that almost spontaneously came to me. I decided to use photoshop to put my face on THE Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Emily as the Mona Lisa. Self-Portrait. Digital Photography. Oct 2014.

So, I got to work... on re-creating an art history piece unrelated to my midterm. I thought I was hilarious. This would be a great piece to post on Friday, Halloween, too (since it is in 4 days anyways). 

I could not stop thinking of how oddly hilarious the idea was. The Mona Emily. I think the process took about an hour total. I needed to put some makeup on my face. I grabbed a photo of the original Mona Lisa (retouched) and captured a photo of myself at the right angle with my webcam.

I showed the image to a few of my friends at school. They all had a good laugh as some really random pre-midterm entertainment. I'm glad it was worth my while. 

Anyways, to any other student, hang in there. Good luck on your exams and other projects. We are halfway through the fall semester!

Emily :)