Publicly announcing my website.

Website Screenshot

I honestly cannot begin to describe the feelings and feedback I have received after announcing my website to the world (of Facebook). Creating my own website has been a goal of mine for over 5 years now. After I began to watch my peers launch websites in their fields, I thought it was time for me to stop dreaming and start doing. Thus, the journey began.

While I am juggling many things in my life, I managed to create a website in a month. I used that black hole of lost free time that I call "Facebook/Procrastinating Time" and filled that void by relabelling it with a new label: "Productive Procrastinating Time." What I mean by this label is that, although I'm diverging from doing my school work, I have allowed myself to pursue other fun, personal projects. I believe that this is a conscious effort I try to make on a daily basis.

Anyways, was created because of that time principle. It was an amazing process. It was fun and I loved being able to organize and layout everything I wanted to. However, the most difficult part about the process was really reflecting back to everything that I thought might be relevant to this project. Upon gathering my work, I realize later that I also forgot to include things like drawings from my Drawing I class. This process caused me to think about projects I would like to do in the future well: other collaborations, etc.

Overall, the feedback was amazing. I got an ultimately positive response and about 125 visits from the time I posted it to the time I woke up the next day. A few friends had messaged me to congratulate me, ask for help with a project similar to what I have done, and/or mention a collaboration we should do.

I was really humbled by the experience because I could see my hard work being paid off. I am quite excited as the journey continues. :)